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Wine Princess

On the foothills of Arad the former famous historical wine-growing region known as Minis, sank into oblivion in the XX. century’s whirl. The legendary red aszú, the spicy Cadarca, the velvety red wines and the mild Feteasca Regala-s were once known all across Europe. Now our wine firm strives for this wine-growing region since 1999 to win back its fame.

We have 70 hectare(s) of land on which 85% is blue grape and 15% is white. Our wine-cellars’ storage capacity is 5.000 hl. It’s distinguished soil conditions and the climate which is similar to the Adriatic climate, Minis creates the prides of the wine-growing region, the red wines! The Merlot, Pinot Noir, Cabernet Sauvignon, Burgund and the Cadarca are our firm’s excellent and top wines. Our major wine is the Cadarca from wich the red aszu was once prepared.

We age our red wines in  traditionally oak-barrels. We apply the small barrel (barrique) ageing. We market our excellent vintage wines after several year maturation. The Mustoasa de Maderat has a high acid spine, but the Sauvignon Blanc broadens our palette, the Traminer with the rose petal aroma, the mild but mysterious Feteasca Regala, the characteristic Pinot Gris and the harmonic Riesling Italian.

Minis’s interesting, exciting colors and flavors enchant our guests at the wine tasting, because the wines made here "... gives a spark to the love, wing for the thoughts and a fireplace for the friendships”.


You can spend in our pension unforgettable moments, in the middle of the nature near by our wines. You can see here some pictures which try to prove this.

fine quality wine from Miniș vineyard